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tv   Dateline NBC  NBC  October 6, 2013 10:00pm-11:01pm PDT

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there's a time when you shed every tear you can shed. you are so completely exhausted, physically, emotionally. we hit that point. >> they're young parents facing more than you can imagine. more than most of us could bear. >> we don't know what's coming. >> they're five children all have the same deadly condition. it's possible that each one may need a new heart just to survive. >> it was our d day, i think. >> tonight, we take you inside their emotional journey. >> what are we going to do now? >> wait until a heart comes, right? >> there are breakthroughs. >> you have a heart!
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>> and setbacks. >> please, save our child tonight. >> what will it take to save a life? you won't believe their story. >> each time you're a little prepared. >> you won't forget their courage. you are there through tears and triumph, "against all odds." >> thanks for joining us. i'm lester holt. imagine all of your children have signs of the same deadly heart disease. as you watch our story, put yourself in the shoes of these remarkable parents. could you be as brave as they are? here's keith morrison. >> the biggest hug in the world, okay? i'll see you in a few minutes, right? >> right. >> she is heading to the operating room in palo alto,
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california. this is the moment of no return. no backing out now. and she is terrified. her name is lindsey lou bingham. she is 9 years old. >> a group hug. >> we love you. >> you can do this. >> i'm scared. >> i know. >> she says good-bye to her mother and her father. without this operation to give her a new heart, lindsey will die. with it, well, who knows what will happen. >> love you lindsey lou. there she goes. >> what is happening to the bingham family, jason and stacy and their five children is something out of ripley's believe it or not. it is also for all of them an intensely personal and
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terrifying odyssey. for reasons you'll discover, they've overcome their reluctance and will allow us to be here as witnesses. even record some of the journeys themselves. their defenses, as you will see, are exceptional courage and unshakeable family bond and an abiding desire to go home. though once it was all so very ordinary. here they were a couple kids off to college in utah, happen to meet one day at church. >> ott first she didn't think i was all that fancy. >> no. >> but she learned to love me. >> they had no idea, of course, what would be asked of them. when they got married on a fine june day back in 1997 and moved to the oregon countryside in the very town where jason was raised and started a family of their own. how old are you? >> 5. >> and what do you have on your
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birthday cake? >> a fire. >> some fire. >> as we had each one, healthy babies. they go through the childhood, you know, you have the little worries and concerns that they get bit by a dog or broken arm or something. but nothing like this magnitude. >> a speck in a grand sweeping landscape. about 400 miles from the idaho-oregon border. here he joined his father's accounting business. stacy went to work at a nearby hospital as an obstetrics nurse. this is the home they loved and where they imagined they'd live for the rest of their lives. >> they say it takes each one of them to make us a family. sierra was compassionate and loving. you have megan who is confident and athletic. and lindsey is our little bossy
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jabber jaw. she makes sure everyone stays in line. and then hunter who is just a happy go lucky 5-year-old. full of energy and life. and then gauge who is kind of the family clown. >> we love it. it's just a party. >> which it certainly was in may 2012. the kids would soon be out of school for the summer. that's what lindsey began to complain about stomach aches. her daughter thought it may be c con sta pags or asthma. her face and belly swelledment she had trouble breathing. they took her to the hospital where stacy worked. >> we took her into the e.r. and said can you do a chest x-ray just because, you know, she's having difficulty breathing and all the swelling. we were it we were just sitting there
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saying please, please, please, have a normal chest x-ray. we'll take anything. we'll try something else. i don't want to go down that road again. >> did he say down that road again? >> and the doctor walked back in. >> he said tell me more about sierra. >> sierra? >> yes, sierra is the bingham's first born and at that very moment, right there in the emergency room, the bingham's descended into a terrifying place, a place they knew all too well. >> surely no family would have to go through what we went through with sierra again. >> the incredible, terrible journey that began ti country paradise they loved so well did not start with lindsey's stomach ache. no, it was six years before that, may 2006. the binghams had three children back then. stacy was pregnant with number four and 6-year-old sierra was at a t ball game in town just across the field over there. she threw up at the game.
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and kept throwing up at school for the the next few daysment th she felt cold and tired all the time. they took her to the doctor and gave her a chest x-ray. >> the doctor comes in and he says it could be pneumonia, a form of cancer, or something called cardio mopathy. >> the doctor told jason and stacy to take sierra to see a cardiologist in boise, nearest big city, immediately. the doctor there ordered an echocardiogram. he goes to make a few phone calls. and he was talking about this kid, another kid that was really super sick and said he needed to go to intensive kid. we're thinking, wow, that kid is really sick. glad that's not us. >> and then the technician came back and they understood. >> that kid was ours. >> they rushed sierra to intensive care.
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the diagnosis, dilated cardiomyopathy, heart failure. >> awhat happens when you hear something like that? >> well, alt firt first you're misty fog. first your world comes crushing in around you. and then just trying to put your mind around it, grasp it. it just fears. >> sierra was hospitalized for two rocky weeks and then came home with medications the doctors hoped would help her. but she only got worse. >> i remember asking her to come help plant some flowers that would be coming back every year so we would have a memory of her. she was too tired or too weak to do it. >> five days after the fourth of july, sierra was life flighted to children's hospital on the stanford campus in palo alto, california. doctors gave jason and stacy the news. without
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sierra would buy. >> it was the worst time of our life. bar none, it was the worst three weeks of my life. >> the wait for a donor heart can be months. time sierra didn't have. unless an experimental child sized heart pump could be flown in from berlin, germany. >> it would take five days to get here which we knew she wouldn't make the five days. to say there is a time when you shut eve shed every tear can you shed and go home at night completely exhausted, physically, emotionally, we hit that point. >> we called as many people as we could and asked, please pray for our little child tonight. 1:30 in the morning, we got a phone call. i thought that's it. >> jason was wrong. that wasn't it. the unbelievable journey and the
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test of them as parents had just begun. coming up, two children in need of two hearts. >> usually you want to hold it together for your kid. i couldn't -- i couldn't control my emotions. >> what about their other children? another dose of difficult news for stacy and jason bingham. >> it was our d day, i said.
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it was 1:30 in the morning that sierra was struggling for life in the icu. jason and stacy bingham rose from half sleep to answer the telephone. >> we thought it was for the worst. and the doctors called and they said we have a heart for sierra. and i was like, are you serious? >> the next afternoon sierra received a donor heart.
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it had belonged to a 2-year-old boy. in the world of heart transplants, size matters more than age. sierra's new heart would grow as she did. >> i think when it came, we knew everything was going to be fine. there is just never any doubt. >> but it wasn't easy. there were months of recovery. and then the regular and invasive and often painful monitoring against the possibility that her new heart would be rejected, a threat she would always face. though barring rejection, sierra's life should be normal. but the binghams wondered why, why did sierra's own heart fail? did they need to worry about their other kids? not to mention the ones they still hoped to have? at the time the doctors assured them, no. neither jason nor stacy nor anyone in their family tree had the disease. >> all megan and lindsey that were younger at the time and asked had echocardio grams done to make sure there was no signs
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of any enlarged heart or anything. and then both hunter and gauge after they were born we had them do echos as well for my peace of mind. and they all came out normal. so we thought, good. we ruled that out. that's not an issue then. >> and so when six years after sierra's transplant lindsey complained of a tummy ache, we thought it could not be the same -- i think both of us were probably in denial. >> and that's when they took lindsey to that emergency room in baker city and the doctor asked them to tell him more about sierra. >> he said she has the same thing. >> she's got an enlarged heart. >> yeah. i lost it. i couldn't keep my composure. and i remember just sobbing. she says, what? i don't want a transplant is the first thing lindsey said. >> my tummy doesn't hurt
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anymore. >> she could see the fear in us. i felt bad. >> that was the last time she saw it. >> the next day may 21st, 2012, lindsey was flown here to this children's hospital in palo alto, california. the very same place they brought sierra for her heart transplant six years earlier. now it was impossible not to think there was some genetic link involving their daughter's heart disease. so jason brought the rest of the children here, too for tests. >> it was on june 8th, a friday. it was our d day, i think. we were sat down and told of our five children that all of them either had cardio myapathy or symptoms that they watched that can turn into a cardiomyopathy. >> the cardiologist was as stonished as they were. even though the echo cardiograms
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looked normal, now all the bingham children, every single one, would be confronted with the possibility of one day requiring a heart transplant just to stay alive. because of that deadly condition many people have never heard of, dilated cardio myopathy. >> we used a word known as unknown cause. the thing is we don't know yet. >> genetic testing is a rapidly developing science. even now it cannot tell the binghams why, why their children have heart disease or where it came from. >> there are standard tests that can be done in 50% of the cases we don't find anything. that doesn't mean there isn't a genetic cause. it just means that we haven't yet identified that gene. >> jason and stacy were devastated. it was not a fluke that one child needed a heart transplant. not near coincidence that a second was now facing one.
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and, in fact, it was about to get even worse. jason and stacy noticed there was something not quite right about gauge. >> coming up -- >> they said he's in complete heart block. we need to admit him. >> here they go
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the bingham family of oregon came in bulk, family size am all five of their children had cardiomyopathy or markers for the disease and means it could happen at any time. sierra now 12 years old, had been living with a transplanted heart for years and now 8-year-old lindsey's heart was failing. on june 20th, 2012, sinnlindsey put on the list for a heart transplant and that very day he told her he would grow a beard until she got a new heart. >> i don't care how long it takes. as long as she hangs around, i'm hanging around. >> the average wait for a donor heart for a children is three months. but doctors warned the binghams it could be much longer. so jason took the other four kids home to oregon and an effort to keep life as normal as possible while they waited. but it wasn't normal. and it didn't last.
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a week and a half after going on the transplant list, lindsey's heart could no longer sustain her. she needed that child sized artificial heart pump called the berlin heart right away. jason flew back to palo alto. >> so he happened to bring gauge with him. >> he wasn't acting right. >> stacy checked his blood pressure and pulse, they were incredibly low. they took him to the hospital. >> they asked us if they could do an ekg. they said knees complete heart block, we need to admit him. >> at the age of 3, gauge immediately needed a pacemaker. so now there were three. gauge received the pacemaker and quickly rallied. here can you see the signs the surgery lind i had had to implant the berlin heart pump. it connects through her abdomen to her heart, this massive cart rolls alongside lindsey wherever she goes.
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>> it goes up and it connects to my heart. and this pump is the air and this machine helps me. if it got turned off, it would hook me up to a little thing, a hand pump. >> so what else are we going to do now? >> wait until a heart comes, right? >> yep. >> let's take a look. >> but now the wait for a heart assumes an added urgency. how long could the heart pump hold out? hard to know. and because it was artificial, it threw off little blood clots which kept everybody watching and tense, on edge. the rest of the family moved into ronald mcdonald house at stanford, two bedrooms for all of them. and lindsey's siblings enrolled in city schools. a world away from anything they had ever known.
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>> my class and grade was 28 kids. and so now my grade is 200 kids. >> but sierra had been where lindsey was. and in daily visits to the hospital offered advice about the endless needles and biopsies, the daily terrors of her new life. >> i was really scared. so i asked sierra what it was really like to have a heart. >> what did she tell you? >> she told me it was kind of scary at first. but then you're fine. >> her siblings worked to build her up. and as jason and stacy waited, mired here in their impossible bad luck, a remarkable likeness seemed to carry them through their long draining days. they're terrifying nights. they did not complain. they remained upbeat for the kids and taught them the meaning
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of gratitude for what they have been given. did they understand where the hearts come from? >> yes. they doment sierra's, we wrote a letter to the family as soon as we received the heart transplant. we can't imagine that it really the two edge ed sword when they receive that. you know what it meant. as much as we love our child and want them to live, i can't imagine the grief they have to deal with because they actually had to lose theirs. >> they received a letter back from the grandmother of the 2-year-old boy whose heart now beats in sierra's chest. >> truly grateful to his mother and his grandmother that wrote the letter and the sacrifice she made to allow sierra to live. >> just as you'll be eternally grateful that some other family -- >> right now i pray for that family out there, someone out there in the western united states for the child that's
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going to save our life. >> it was, of course, no way to know if or when there would be a heart for lindsey. jason and stacy were keenly aware that some 50 children die each year waiting for one. in fact this is why they let us witness their personal drama, to help the world understand the desperate need for donors. and here they waited. two months passed. and then three. jason's beard grew longer. seasons changed. back in oregon, people understood that all this cost money, lots of money. the binghams have insurance, but it doesn't cover the very extensive multiple medications the kids will need every day for the rest of their lives, tens of thousands of dollars a year. and so the people of hanes put on an auction. they raised nearly $7 $75,000. and still they waited.
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occasionally jason went home to help with the family cattle drive or pick up clothes for the kids who are now outgrowing them. >> i don't know how we're going to continue to live here. we want to live here so bad. >> today is labor day. we thought we would give lindsey the chance to labor. >> but, of course, they couldn't go home. they celebrated halloween in the hospital. then thanksgiving. six months passed. >> i knew we were one day closer. >> how is that heart working, that berlin heart? >> seems to be pretty good. >> i mean this berlin has allowed her to feel healthy enough that she's a regular 8-year-old girl. she wants to skip and jump and play. and it's a false sense of security. you forget she is still on a heart device that is keeping her heart pumping.
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>> what are you looking forward to then? >> getting a new heart. >> yeah. >> and then? >> and going home. >> but for now, christmas is coming. the nurses claim they saw santa sneaking through the hospital. >> he kind of walks in and then he goes outside. >> jason and stacy bruought an artificial tree into her room. she put up the finishing touch. the beads of courage. each bead representing a needle poke or a pressure she endured. christmas came and went. the wait was becoming unbearbly long. >> i can't go outside when it is raining or snowing. that's hard, too. hard to stay in here. >> valentine's day approached. they had been waiting nearly eight months now.
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and then at 6:00 p.m. on february 12th, the doctor pulled lindsey out of the room for a chat, something to tell her. she refused to tell the kids what she was told. >> she doesn't know anything. >> then stacy called jason and waited in lindsey's room for him to arrive. he passed the nursing station alive with excitement. >> she doesn't know yet. >> guess what? >> i knew it! >> guess what? >> you have to guess. >> what? >> look at that window over there. >> do i have it? do i have a heart? >> you do have a heart. >> you do! >> it's going to happen. it's going to happen, princess.
10:31 pm
you did it. you waited. >> so she did. though what was coming next was -- well, who could predict such a thing? >> i did it. >> coming up -- emotional highs and lows. >> i'm sick to my stomach to be honest. >> the medical roller coaster takes another dip. ♪
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this has to be good. this has to be a dream. i'm like, wake up, lindsey. wake up. but it's not. >> lindsey lou bingham has been waiting for a new heart for 239 days and now finally they have found a match. the doctors schedule surgery the next afternoon. >> i'm scared a little. i'm scared. i'm going to be cutting open my chest and putting in a heart and then putting another one in. >> who knows why things happen this way? as 9-year-old lindsey tries to tamp down her fear, stacy struggles to hide a fwhun of her own as she tells jason she just heard something about sierra.
10:36 pm
sierra, pure coincidence, has just undergone a routine biopsy. jason has a hard time hiding his fear from lindsey standing a few feet away. >> she's actually going to be admitted to the icu. she had a biopsy today and her pressure is high in her heart. so they're going to admit her to monitor so she could very well be there when lindsey comes out. >> jason and stacy go to the cardiovascular intensive care unit to learn more about what is going on with sierra. nearly seven years after her heart transplant, her biopsy is showing that her body is rejecting her donor heart. >> the measurement was significantly higher. we need to find out why. >> jason and stacy try to put a positive spin on the news when they tell sierra. >> and so they want to put new the unit so they can get your results back. we'll know that this afternoon.
10:37 pm
and then see if it is rejection or something else. >> lindsey is going in for a transplant and you're in the best place you can be right now. >> and they caught it. >> the binghams new exactly how serious rejection can be. if treatment doesn't work, it could mean sierra will go back on the transplant list. >> i'm sick to my stomach. i feel like someone hit me in the gut. hard to see sierra going to icu. i didn't see it coming. >> so mind and turmoil, heart pulled in two direction onz this one climate tick day. jason returns to lindsey's room where he and one of lindsey's nurses try to keep her upbeat before surgery. >> ready, set, go. but hours passed. the surgery is delayed and delayed. >> we have more delays with the
10:38 pm
donor. they're still trying to place another organ. >> okay. >> it's taking longer than i would have expected them to. >> we still have a good match for her. it's other organ donors that they're trying to locate that are taking all the time. >> there is, you know, there is a small outside chance that the heart shows bad. that risk is still there. >> okay. >> timing of the operation keeps changing. lindsey has been standing by for a whole day and night now. she's exhausted, growing more and more anxious. >> i just want to get it all overwith. just get the whole thing over. >> and then quite suddenly, it's a problem. lindsey learns she'll get her new heart in the first hours of valentine's day. >> all right.
10:39 pm
>> happy valentines. >> and finally, 30 hours after they learned about the donor heart, it's time to go. >> crank it all the way up. you earned this one. lindsey chooses her own soundtrack for her walk to the operating room, "somebody to love." >> this is everything i needed. let's put this thing around you like you mean it. >> with her baby blanket transformed into a super hero cape. she is about to face the scariest event of her life. jason works to keep lindsey's fears at bay. >> we're in the elevator. >> this is where i get the biggest hug in the world, okay? i'll see you in a few minutes, right? >> right. >> everything is going to be okay, right? you go to sleep and then wake right up.
10:40 pm
>> and then i get better. >> yep. love you, lindsey lou. >> bye, lindsey. >> but as imaginable as it seems, her heart transplant operation is just one crisis in a long night. >> let's go check sierra first. let's check on sierra first. >> coming up -- >> it was really hard. you want to be happy for the one but you're feeling so bad and want to cry for the other one. >> two daughters' lives on the line. precision inside the operating room and emotion outside. >> unbelievable. >> when "datel
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your children's health can affect their gpa. yes, exercise and education go hand in hand. so make sure your kids are active 60 minutes every day.
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you'll help them feel good and even perform better in school. the more you know. i love you, lindsey lou. >> bye, lindsey. >> lindsey lou bingham has been wheeled into a operating room where doctors hope to replace her failing heart until the surgeoned examined the donor heart themselves, there's a chance they have to stop the surgery. surely enough stress for lindsey's parents, stacy and jason who endured nearly eight long months of hope and dread waiting for a heart for lindsey. >> my emotions are shot. i had no more tears left. >> but they had been given more. after saying good-bye to lindsey at the dor of the or, they're going to check on 13-year-old sierra who is in the cardiovascular intensive care
10:45 pm
unit, following a biopsy on her heart. >> she was really scared. >> sierra is worried about lindsey. and jason is now worried about sierra. >> just because you have the transplant, it doesn't mean it's over. >> it's up to midnight now, valentine's day. as nurses watch over sierra and the doctors prepare lindsey for the transplant, jason and stacy are asked to pack up lindsey's room to make it available for another sick child. >> every tik we look around, we see the love of other people, the big hearts that the whole school signed and sent to her. >> they pack up the room they lived in for eight months, the donor heart is being removed in a hospital in nevada. the transplant surgeonon is watching the clock in palo alto. >> from the time the heart gets taken out to the time it gets pro fuse with blood again -- >> in lindsey. >> has to be kept as short as possible. >> so what you are talking, five
10:46 pm
hours? >> we're talking a maximum of six hours. i'd rather keep it shorter than that. >> the team has gone to the hospital where the donor is to retrieve the heart. >> the heart looks really good. lindsey's chest is open right now. she is a go. >> 4:50 a.m., they put her on a heart-lung machine and begin to remove her diseased heart. it is badly scarred, twice the size it should be. a call to the operating room. >> they're going to be here in 15 minutes. >> okay. >> 6:00 a.m. jason and stacy aren't prepared for emotions they feel as they see the donor heart arrive. >> reality of it really sunk in when we saw that cooler. this is a human heart. and to see that nurse heading down the hallway to my little princess who's opened up and ready and waiting for it. >> passing of life from one child to another.
10:47 pm
the heart looks perfect. implantation begins. meticulous lly surgeons stitch together five separate connections. they begin with the new heart outside lyn lindsey's body then finish up once it's inside the chest. the heart has not beaten since taken from the donor four hours earlier. the next step is crucial. the team will use a defibrillator to spark lindsey's new heart back to life. immediately it begins to pump. and soon finds its rhythm. >> it took a couple hours longer than i expected. but everything went very, very smoothly. >> after nearly eight months of waiting and hoping, lindsey has her new heart. the binghams have two daughters in the cardiovascular icu now. this is they get got news about lindsey, their blood pressure spikes over 13-year-old sierra.
10:48 pm
>> i'd like to regroup as a whole team and talk over things and see if we can come up with a more effective strategy. >> i guess i need to hear you say that we have options. >> there are options to look into. i'm always very honest with you. this is not the easiest thing to treat. and there have been times in the past where we haven't been able to get it under control. >> sierra's biopsy results show antibodies are attacking her heart and already caused some damage. doctors tell the binghams they'll try a treatment in which they attempt to remove the harmful antibodies from her blood. it sometime works. it sometimes doesn't. >> unbelievable. >> there is a chance but to survive, sierra will need a second heart transplant. >> the reality of it is it's never going to be the same. there is always going to be something. and now that always something is going to be times two. it is really hard. we felt like your emotions are on a roeroller coaster.
10:49 pm
you want to be happy for the one. but you're feeling so bad and want to cry for the other one. >> and, of course, there is little gauge who has the same heart disease and already a pacemaker at age 4. jason and stacy do their own form of triage focusing on the sickest child. for now that, is lindsey. >> we're all here now. megan is here. so is gauge. >> days after a heart transplant are critical. lindsey suffers a seizure, is put back on a ventilator after a bad reaction to medication. but the doctors diagnose the problem quickly and soon she's up and walking. without an artificial heart pump for the first time in eight months and finally able to get rid of that beard jason started growing, the day lindsey went on the transplant list eight months earlier. >> do it. >> lindsey! >> whoa!
10:50 pm
>> two weeks after getting her new heart, lindsey is ready to leave the hospital. >> you are ready to go? >> oh, yeah! >> she's out of here. >> she just went down the street to ronald mcdonald house until lindsey and sierra are cleared for the trip they want back home. until then, all they can do is wait. >> we don't know what's coming. >> no, but what's coming won't be long. >> there's no way to know if it's going to be good or bad. so each time you're just a little bit on pins and needles. let us get a good, you know, a good report. >> coming up -- a setback for sierra. >> treatments were unsuccessful. >> and another wait begins. will the binghams ever make it home?
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jason and stacy bingham, the ordeal seems endless. all five of their children have
10:55 pm
cardio myopathy or symptoms that can turn into it. two have already had heart transplants and a third will very likely need one. in the weeks after lindsey's transplant, her sister sierra goes through a course of treatment to help her anti-body rejection. on april 4th, seven weeks after the operation, and on the same day, both sisters return to children's hospital for biopsies. if the results are good, jason and stacy are hoping to pack up their family and go home to oregon as soon as school lets out at the end of may. lindsey's heart is working beautifully. no sign of rejection. she'll soon be weaned off the steroids that are causing her face to swell. but as the treatment for sierra's rejection worked? >> the pressures inside the atrium which are elevate ready still elevated. so it hasn't gotten better. >> see air why's heart pressures are the same as they were her last biopsy. her coronary arteries got
10:56 pm
smaller and both of those things are signs of heart disease. >> another punch in the gut. >> every once in a while the true reality of what we're going through sinks in. that is one of those moments. >> jason and stacy go to sierra. >> what this means is that the treatments were unsuccessful. and so they're going to wait and see what the numbers are for the anti-body rejection and then they'll meet together and make a plan. >> am i going to have to get another heart? >> not yet. the light at the end of the tunnel is so close. it's just right there. and then it's like the tunnel collapsed. >> they failed to stop the rejections, doctors begin a different course of treatment. four more weeks go by. four uncertain weeks of waiting, hoping, hoping just to go home. >> just seeing it again, seeing
10:57 pm
my real actual bed and not sharing with anyone. >> and then sierra undergoes another biopsy to see if the new treatments have worked. >> have fun. >> we'll see you afterwards. >> jason and stacy learned to lower their expectations, not take anything for granted. this result could sink them again in their medical nightmare or set them free. they wheel sierra back to her room to wait. finally, the biopsy results come in and -- >> it worked! at least for now the rejection has stopped. see air why's heart is looking good. >> that means we really can go home. is that what i'm seeing here? >> i think so. >> cardiologist daniel bernsteen will make the call. >> i think right now things are going well to go home and enjoy being in your home and see how things go over the next couple years. if things quiet down, no problems, then you're fine where you are. >> okay.
10:58 pm
>> words the binghams wondered if they'd ever hear again. and in spite of all they've been through, they are grateful. >>e walked away twice now with two children still alive. and that's more than some parents can say that have to leave here. and we can go home with five children. >> and finally, on the last day of may, as cloud and rain yielded brilliant sunshine, seemed like half the town gathered in the local schoolyard and welcomed the little family caravan with a huge surprise party. >> how are you? >> good to see you. >> speeches were not required. >> i want to hug you again. >> wow! >> so letting yourself feel like home or can you quite go there? >> we have a new norm now.
10:59 pm
to think that it's over, no. it's just the beginning. but we're okay. it's great. we've been truly blessed. and we're excited to be home. >> and finally, here they are. sierra went straight to her bedroom, just to see it. lindsey jumped up happily and one of the exciting siblings and cousins now, just a regular kid again. >> i love sitting there and being able to watch my kids play on the trampoline and seeing them grow and play from afar. just watching them be kids. >> it's not over. might never be. but right now, it's just fine. >> that's all for now. i'm lester holt.
11:00 pm
thanks for joining us. -- captions by vitac -- breaking news, a fire. an orange globe could be seen near the base of the bay bridge for much of the evening. more than three hours after it broke out, we look at a live picture now, crews still on the scene. the flames have died down but the traffic tie-up remains behind. good evening, everyone. i'm terry mcsweeney. >> it was an eerie sigh for drivers crossing the bridge as the flames grew, the drivers were warned to expect delays or avoid the area altogether. >> crews had a difficult time getting this fire under control. >> thartsds. because of water access, firefighters sate's always a problem on those island. the


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